Black Breaks Through #madeofblack

In a world of complexities, fear and parallels, Black knows no boundaries. Black says ‘why not’ to that which questions or threatens its success. Black is a mindset that breaks through the confines that are set out by society. Black is for those who choose to strive to become the best that they can be. It is for those who pursue their dreams in a humble and sincere manner. Black is for the men and women who realise that time wasted is time that you cannot get back; they make the most of every opportunity, they make the most of every moment that they are given to excel.

Black encourages those who believe in it to live an extreme, fulfilling life. These people break through barriers and create new ones; they create new challenges for those who share their aspirations. They are made of black. They are made of a positive energy that uplifts and feeds the creative spirit of communities that share powerful dreams. Africa is home to aspiring men and women who inspire and encourage through their work – whether it is dance, poetry or fashion. They represent the true meaning of being black; they embody an infectious liveliness that encourages people to reach their dreams.

Black breaks through boundaries that would otherwise prevent people from becoming their best selves. It challenges, tests and pushes their expectations of themselves and those around them. Black is for those who believe; it is for those who strive to be the best of the best and these people are made of black.

Black Requires More #madeofblack

Black is a mindset that requires more out of life; it pushes boundaries and tests the stamina of the individual. Black got swag, an attitude that can be beat or contained. It is a driving force that encourages and askes the best of an individual. It is an attitude that demands the most precise attention, dedication and devotion. Black is for those who rise above the limits that they set for themselves; they excel beyond expectation. These people are made of black.

Becoming an artist or performer requires years of commitment and enthusiasm. It becomes a dream that is consuming; an aspiration that drives and nurtures. Black knows what it means to want something to the point that it asks for all that you are. It requires more – more time, more practice, more need, more want. It becomes the driving force behind every beat, tap, stretch and strut. Black is familiar with the demands, the expectations and the limitations. It understands that the best are tried, tested, pushed and beaten until they rise above the challenges that are set before them. This is the reality for many artists and performers that call Africa their home. Not only have they had to beat the odds, they have raised the bar and the world is taking notice. They understand the demands and meet them with a powerful energy. They are brave, they are sincere and they are made of black.

Black is for those who rise to the occasion, who live extreme and fulfilling lives in pursuit of achieving their dreams. Black is for those who have found their purpose, black requires more.

Black is a Mirror #madeofblack

In a world of complexities and contrasts, Black is a mirror that reflects the truth. It is the beacon to which people turn for affirmation. Black reflects the journey of the dreamer, in all its brutal honesty and glittering accomplishment. It echoes the powerful mantra that is repeated by those who strive to bring about change; those who open themselves up to the endless possibilities that life presents. Black is an attitude that resonates deep within those who embody the outlook. These people are made of black.

Across Africa, men and women have joined hands in creating a mirror in which they see their value. An amalgamation of dreams and aspirations has created the ideal platform from which artists and performers can launch towards success. Not only do these individuals strive to achieve personal success, they also aim to bring about change within their communities. These virtuosos shine bright, offering inspiration to those who dream of achieving similar goals. They are steadfast in their work ethic; they are determined to better their own ideals of success. These people are made of black. They are strong, persistent and determined. Black is for those who make their country proud, who exhibit a humble demeanour and who are never too busy or too successful to assist others on their journey.

Black emulates the swag and disposition of the performer. It reveals the flaws as perfection, and the weakness as strength. In a world of parallels, black is a guiding light that leads dreamers to success for they are made of black.

Black Rocks #madeofblack

Black dances to a different beat, a beat that echoes through Africa. Black rocks, it pops, hops and slides. Black beats, taps, points and shuffles. Black is an attitude, a mindset that elevates individuals above the expected. Black is a rhythm that finds its way into the soul and manifests through the individual beat that keeps dreamers moving. It is the culmination of ambition, joy and delight. Black is for those who keep on moving, despite the hardships that they might encounter. Black is strength, it is determination. It is for those who are unstoppable. These individuals are made of black.

Africa boasts a selection of unique and interesting artists and performers who are made of black -from the way in which they carry themselves to their dedicated work ethic. Black rocks. It is the culmination of cool and upbeat. It is the essence of individuality. Models, dancers, musicians and metal groups are breathing new life into Africa, lending a hand in the growth of the Cultural Revolution. Black is for those who look for new ideas, who are inspired by the countries from which they come. It is a driving force for those who seek to push themselves, break through boundaries and test their capabilities.

These wunderkinds are made of black. They are inspired by the mindset and propelled by the attitude. They create according to their own rules and believe in their abilities to bring about change through their work. Black is for those who reach for the stars and who spread positive energy. These people are leaders in their fields. They are made of black.

Black is Multidimensional #madeofblack

Black is multidimensional. It is comprised of a diverse array of ideas, dreams, aspirations and perspectives. Black is colourful, vibrant and full of energy. It is not limited to a single train of thought; it is not bound by one set of rules. Black is an attitude that embraces a multitude of different ideas and opinions. Black is for those who are confident in their own skin; they are comfortable in who they are and where they are going. Black is for those who are rooted in their heritage, who draw inspiration from their history and transform it into something contemporary that is universally understood.

Black believes in the ability to bring about change. It believes in the good that comes from a collective effort to inspire and enrich. Africa is abuzz with the talent and success of its remarkable virtuosos; the artists and performers who are exhibiting their creations on a platform that is universally accessible. Through the mediums of dance, fashion, music and poetry, African artists are creating a canvas on which they are sketching their dreams for the world to see. Not only are these artists and performers creating waves with their work, they also strive to inspire dreamers who share similar ideas; they aim to bring about change through their medium,  and wish to bring about multidimensional points of view to those around them.

Black is for those who believe in themselves; who believe in the power of their voice and their ability to bring about change. Black is for those who do not wander the plains of lateral thought; it is for those who are multidimensional, intricate and multifaceted.  These individuals are made of black.

Made of Black – Black is your Cloak

Cloaked in the vibrant fabrics that speak the language of Africa. A soulful style that tells family tales with colour, colour that expresses. Materials are the adornment on a body that is proud. A body and a soul made of black, that denies no-one, that unites the wearer with those that they love, admire, respect. Cloaks of mourning envelop the grieving. Swaths of sheer white glisten on the skin of a blushing bride. Crisp, black material, firm in its shape sits on the body of leaders, those that command respect in their wisdom. The curves of a woman are hugged by black that celebrates her femininity.

The homeland of an individual is told by the clothing they wear. Clothing can attract, it can deter, it can express something no words can. Like music, we are united in the language of colours, of silk that caresses the skin, wide skirts of vibrant colours and beads that click to the step of your feet. It is the hardened leather of warmth, a shield against the coldest winter and a light graze of material on your skin under the sun. It cools and it protects. It shields against sweeping winds, thundering rains and burning rays of the sun beating down on heated skin.

What’s in an item of clothing? What is it that dresses your being into an expression of originality? What is it that unites you to the colours of the clothes we wear? Why do you slip that fabric over your head, cover your arms with it? Black is that expression, and that expression of self is made of black.  It is the fabric we wear, the colours we choose in reflection of our inner spirit, our freedom of privacy. Black is your attire. It is your adornment, your expression of self.


Made of Black – Black is the Element

Earth, air, fire, water. The elements combine as the roots of a tree twist together, but each reach to the earth, pulling nutrients and hydration, each with their own purpose. A purpose with a united goal. The dusty earth stays firm when need be as a foundation for homes, buildings and places of gatherings. Rolling lands of crop are harvested from beneath the worked soils, changing seasons growing the fruits of dedication through previously barren landscapes.

It howls through the lands, swaying trees, coaxing water into walls of waves. It is air. It is the sigh of relief. It is filling your lungs with the smell of a new season, of rain-drenched earth, and the scent of blossomed flowers.

Hot, powerful and a force of its own. It can be born of something almost invisible. It charges through landscapes, reducing structures to dust. It is fire. It can be controlled, it can be contained. But it can be wild, it can break free.

Coursing through canyons, drenching lands as it races towards the ocean. Rivers forge paths through rock and feed an alien world of life. It is water. It is the oceans that caress the shores. It is the sheets of rain that bring sustenance to the land. It is the quenching of thirsts, the essence of us. It runs in the blood flowing through our veins.

All the elements of the earth combine to bring us the arms, legs, heart, mind, soul of our world. These elements are celebrated throughout Africa, and Africa is carried on breaths, tears of joy, the fire in hearts and the roots of our trees. Black is made of the earth, the elements. It is the lifeblood of the world, the heartbeat, its song in the wind. The elements are made of black.